29 May
Pregnant person sitting at desk in the workplace
New Pregnancy Protections Regulations in the Workplace for 2024! How Should Employers Comply?

On April 15, 2024, the EEOC issued its final regulation and interpretive guidance (“PWFA Regulations”) for the enforcement of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (“PWFA”), a law that took effect in June 2023. The PWFA supplements existing federal anti-discrimination law by requiring covered employers to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees or applicants with known...

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22 Apr
Busy office of employees working on computers
Labor Law Compliance: A Must for California Businesses

Labor law compliance is a crucial aspect of running a business in California. Employers must ensure that they adhere to the state’s labor laws to protect their employees and avoid legal consequences. This article will provide an overview of labor law compliance in California, explain the key labor laws and regulations that employers must comply...

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15 Apr
Industrial warehouse
Leasing Commercial Property in California: Legal Obligations

When it comes to leasing commercial property in California, understanding the legal obligations is crucial. California’s booming commercial real estate market and complex leasing laws make it essential for both property owners and tenants to have a thorough knowledge of their legal rights and responsibilities. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in costly...

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08 Apr
Lady Justice holding the Scales of Justice in front of California flag
California’s Changing Employment Landscape: Key Legal Considerations

California has a rich history of enacting progressive legislation to protect workers’ rights and promote fair employment practices. As society and the economy continue to evolve, so do the laws that govern the workplace. Both employers and employees must stay updated on these changes to navigate the ever-changing employment law landscape in California. In this...

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01 Apr
business meeting room
Business Formation in California: Legal Strategies for Success

Business formation is the process of establishing a legal structure for your company. In California, there are different types of business entities to choose from, and they all have different pros and cons. Factors such as liability, taxes, and management control should all be taken into account. This blog post will guide you through the...

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26 Mar
person at the desk working on the computer
The ABCs of Independent Contractors in California

In the complex world of California employment law, the classification of workers as independent contractors or employees is a critical issue. The distinction between the two can have significant consequences for both workers and employers.  If you are concerned about independent contractor issues, it is important to understand the legal tests used in California to...

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12 Mar
Business meeting
Business Succession Planning in California: A Legal Perspective

Planning for the future is a fundamental part of running a successful business. However, many business owners in California overlook a crucial aspect of their long-term strategy: succession planning. In this blog post, we will discuss the ins and outs of business succession planning from a legal point of view. What Is Succession Planning? Business...

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11 Mar
California kitchen interior
California Real Property Sales Transactions

Whether you are purchasing a new home or selling a commercial property, it is helpful to have a solid understanding of California real property sales transactions. In this blog post, we will guide you through the ins and outs of these transactions, explain the roles of different parties involved, and highlight the reasons why having...

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20 Feb
Two people standing outside of business
California’s New Employment Laws for 2024: A Roundup

Whether you are curious about minimum wage increases or need to stay in compliance as an employer, California’s new employment laws for 2024 are numerous. In this blog post, we will provide an introduction to employment laws in California, employment laws for California employees, California labor and employment changes, wage and hour class action suits,...

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02 Feb
Legal Strategies for Resolving Business Disputes in California

As a business owner in California, you know that disputes are an unfortunate reality of running a company. From contract disagreements to intellectual property disputes, these conflicts can disrupt your operations, drain resources, and even jeopardize the future of your business. Common Business Disputes Here are ten types of business disputes we encounter often at...

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05 Jan
Real Estate in Orange County, California next to the ocean
Real Estate Investment in California: Legal Tips for Success 

California has the eighth-largest economy in the world, and investors from around the globe are competing for access to the real estate market in the Golden State. If you want to learn more about easements, construction documents, and entity formation, then you should seek out the advice of a real estate attorney in California. Attorney...

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05 Jan
Lawyers reviewing documents
From Start to Finish: The Legal Aspects of Business Contracts in California 

Business contracts are an essential component of all business relationships. Poorly drafted contracts may cause parties to initiate disputes which can waste time and money. If you are in a business relationship with another business entity, then you should learn the value of understanding the legal aspects of business contracts. Our attorneys work toward helping...

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01 Jan
California state law building
What’s New in California Laws for 2024

As 2024 begins, Californians will enjoy many new benefits and protections that affect different aspects of their lives. From employment and health care to public safety and consumer rights, here are some of the new laws that will be implemented starting from January 1, 2024, and onwards. New California Workplace Laws Starting from January 1,...

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26 Sep
Social Media Defamation, social media icons

In 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court in 2017 called social media “the modern public square” and noted in Packingham v. North Carolina, 582 US ___ (2017) that websites can provide perhaps the most powerful mechanisms available to a private citizen to make his or her voice heard.” Since then, Courts have examined: Employees Have Been Disciplined...

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12 Sep
Older Worker
Job Protection to Those Over 40: The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act – What You Need to Know

The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) is a federal law which protects employees 40 years old and over from being forced into signing a release of certain claims. The OWBPA requires that employers provide employees 40 years old and over with information about their rights if the employer requires the employee to sign a...

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31 Aug
Environmental Considerations in Real Estate: Managing Risks and Responsibilities

Environmental issues are a common occurrence in real estate transactions. Some of the most common environmental concerns include land contamination, mold, asbestos, radon, and lead paint. Land contamination can occur from a variety of sources, including previous industrial activities, leaking underground storage tanks, and improper waste disposal. Land contamination can lead to soil and water...

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31 Aug
The Writers Guild of America Strike
The Writers Guild of America Strike and the Future of the Media and Entertainment Industry

A major disruption to the media and entertainment industry is the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. It has highlighted the industry’s need to be prepared for change. It has also raised significant questions about transparency and content creation. A major issue at stake is data transparency. The WGA is pushing for a share of...

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30 Aug
Principal Deputy Administrator Jessica Looman
BREAKING NEWS: DOL Unveils Rule To Raise Overtime Threshold

The U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) advised today that it is putting forward a rule to raise the salary threshold under which employees are eligible for overtime pay under federal labor law. A proposed DOL rule would raise to about $55,000 per year the salary threshold under which employees are eligible for overtime The proposed...

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24 Aug
Navigating Unemployment Benefits: Maximizing Your Eligibility

Thousands of Californians have lost their jobs or had their hours cut due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The number of unemployment claims in California skyrocketed, with the state processing an average of 106,000 applications per day in the first week of the stay-at-home order. If you lost your job or had your hours cut...

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17 Aug
Recognizing Workplace Discrimination: Taking Action for Fair Treatment

Over the past few years, workplace discrimination has become a hot topic. Companies are becoming more aware of the different kinds of discrimination that can occur in a workplace, including issues relating to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, harassment, pregnancy, and more.  Employers need to understand how to handle unlawful discrimination...

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10 Aug
Safeguarding Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Ideas and Innovations

Imagine a world without innovation. A world where groundbreaking ideas are left unprotected and vulnerable to exploitation, and where creativity and ingenuity are stifled by the fear of theft. Fortunately, we do not live in that world. In today’s society, intellectual property (IP) is recognized as a valuable asset.  IP law protects the creations of...

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03 Aug
Real Estate Law by Keven Steinberg
Maximizing Real Estate Investment Returns: Strategies for a Changing Market

Real estate investing has been a lucrative avenue for wealth creation, but it comes with risks that must be managed effectively. To maximize returns and mitigate potential losses, investors must understand the risks involved and implement strategies accordingly. Identifying and managing risks in real estate investing is crucial. Market risk, financing risk, property risk, and...

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27 Jul
Building a Safe and Inclusive Workplace: Preventing Harassment and Promoting Equality

Harassment of any kind has no place in the workplace. Employers have a legal obligation to provide a work environment free from intimidation, insult, or ridicule based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.  This obligation is not only required by federal anti-discrimination laws, but it is also good business practice. Harassment can have...

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24 Jul
The interior of a modern apartment
Short-Term Rental Properties: Opportunities and Challenges for Owners

The short-term rental industry is facing increasing scrutiny and regulation. The industry is booming, but is also facing increasing scrutiny and regulation. In some cases, governments are enacting bans on short-term rentals, while others are increasing penalties for breaking the rules. What does this mean for short-term rental operators? It means that operators need to...

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29 Jun
Intellectual Property Acquisition, Licensing, and Disposition: Protecting Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets

Intellectual property (IP) assets are among the most valuable items companies have. Acquiring, licensing, and disposing of IP can be a very fraught process for many companies that are unfamiliar with the legal process. Many companies today do not fully appreciate the value of their IP, as IP can be even more valuable than physical...

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22 Jun
Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the Complexities of State and Federal Regulations

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15 Jun
Termination and Employment Agreements: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Interests

Under California Labor Code § 2922, California is an at-will employment state with employment that has no specified term being terminated at the will of either party on notice to the other. Things change when an employer has a contract with an employee, however. Whether you are discussing an employment contract, a non-competition agreement, or...

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08 Jun
The Importance of Supervisor Training in Maintaining a Safe and Productive Workplace

Great supervisors are important to workplaces because they can often help elevate the performance of workers and help encourage workers to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. It is important for business owners to understand that not all people have the necessary leadership skills to act as supervisors, so training is highly...

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01 Jun
Understanding Office, Retail, Warehouse, and Industrial Leases: A Guide for Tenants and Landlords

Commercial leases can be much more complicated than traditional lease agreements, and people will need to be aware of several important provisions relating to these kinds of documents. A commercial lease will typically be an agreement between a person or entity that is the tenant or lessee and a property owner who is the landlord...

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25 May
Wrongful Termination: Understanding Your Rights and Legal Options

Wrongful termination occurs when a person is fired or laid off for unlawful reasons such as discrimination, reporting California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) violations, whistleblower actions, contract violations, public policy violations, filing of workers’ compensation claims or reporting work injuries, California Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) violations, taking leave, or filing...

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18 May
Emerging New Development on Employer’s Use of AI

Today, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued guidance explaining the application of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to automated systems that incorporate artificial intelligence in a range of HR-related uses. In doing so, the EEOC explained that without proper safeguards, employers might violate Title VII when they use AI...

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18 May
Mature financial agent showing new investment to young couple. Happy financial advisor discussing with a couple their mortgage loan. Happy couple consulting their bank agent about savings plan.
A Comprehensive Guide to Arbitration and Mediation in Employment Disputes

The Judicial Branch of California notes that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes help people resolve disputes without having to file lawsuits and deal with trials. Arbitration and mediation are perhaps the two most common kinds of ADR, and some people may sign contracts that involve mandatory binding arbitration or mediation that prohibits them from filing...

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11 May
Broker and Agent Liability: Mitigating Risk and Protecting Your Interests

Differentiating between an agent and a broker can be a tricky business as many courts have conflated the two terms as meaning the same thing even though there are significant differences between the two. An agent customarily represents insurers to sell people products, while brokers represent people when they are deciding between insurance policies.  Broker...

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04 May
Coordinating Successful Closings: Best Practices for a Smooth Real Estate Transaction

A real estate transaction will involve a seller offering a home or property for sale and a buyer agreeing to purchase the property. There will be several steps in buying a house, and the steps can vary depending on the type of transaction and California state regulations.  Before a closing can take place, many other...

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27 Apr
Escrow Issues: Ensuring a Smooth and Secure Transaction

Escrow is a term that is commonly used in real estate that relates to a process in which a neutral third party holds funds or documents during a transaction between a buyer and a seller. The escrow procedure will confirm that all agreement terms are satisfied and both parties are protected from fraud and other...

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25 Apr
Businessman on business trip telephoning with smartphone
Acquisitions and Dispositions: Strategies for a Successful Real Estate Transaction

Acquisitions and dispositions are two terms people commonly hear throughout the real estate process. The terminology only refers to the processes of acquiring or selling real property. Whether a person is an investor or an owner-operator, it is always a big day when a company is either purchasing an asset or selling one. Our Los...

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14 Apr
Negotiating Options, Renewals, and Subleasing: Strategies for Commercial Tenants and Landlords

A commercial lease will be an important part of any business, and most landlords do not expect people to immediately sign the first draft of a proposed lease as negotiations are expected in these situations. The commercial lease agreement a company is originally presented with will certainly favor a landlord, so there will often need...

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07 Apr
An office
Real Estate and Equipment Leasing: Navigating the Complexities of Commercial Property Agreements

The California Commercial Lease Agreement (Form CL) is a binding contract between a landlord and a business tenant renting space for non-residential use. It will outline the terms and conditions of a lease, including rent payment, security deposit, length of lease, and penalties for breach of contract. Many specific restrictions, stipulations, and features of a...

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24 Mar
Mergers and Acquisitions: What Business Owners Need to Know Before Taking the Leap

Mergers and acquisitions (commonly referred to as just M&A) is an umbrella term for various business transactions in which ownership of companies, other business organizations, or operating units are transferred to or consolidated with another company or organization. Mergers and acquisitions are actually two separate things, and the phrase actually encompasses corporate sales, purchases, and...

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22 Mar
How a Lawyer Can Help You Navigate the Technicalities of Real Estate Lending

The California Residential Mortgage Lending Act (CRMLA) is found in Division 20 of the California Financial Code, and regulations are contained in the California Code of Regulations. The CRMLA was enacted in 1994 and became operative in 1996, and it authorizes licensees to make federally related mortgage loans, to make loans to finance the construction...

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15 Mar
Navigating Supervisor Training: Legal Requirements and Best Practices for Avoiding Discrimination in the Workplace

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) states that discrimination involves various types, including age, disability, equal pay/compensation, genetic information, harassment, national origin, pregnancy, race/color, religion, retaliation, sex, sexual harassment, and sexual orientation and gender identity. EEOC statistics show that there were 61,331 total charges in fiscal year 2021, and 34,332 of those charges...

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09 Mar
A silver whistle
Blowing the Whistle: The Importance of Protecting and Encouraging Whistleblowers in the Workplace

According to the 2021 Annual Report to Congress from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Whistleblower Program, the SEC awarded over $1.1 billion to 214 individuals for providing high-quality information that led to the success of SEC and other agency enforcement actions. The SEC stated that 2021 saw the highest number of awards in not...

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02 Mar
What is the Difference Between Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment Discrimination?

Sexual harassment claims often involve people focusing on specific behaviors, but it is important to understand that there are actually two categories of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from allowing anyone to be sexually harassed at work by another person,...

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22 Aug
young woman paying to smiling worker in food truck
California Opens Doors to Fast-Food Workers and Peek-a-Boo Pay Scales

California has taken some bold steps to protect employees in the Golden State. Empowered Fast-Food Workers In an overwhelming vote by the California Senate, Assembly Bill 257 was waived through to create a council to set minimum wages and working conditions for the fast-food industry across the state. Assembly Bill 257 would enact the Fast...

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15 Aug
Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment and Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment and Sexual Orientation Discrimination

With recent changes in California employment law and a continued urgency to protect employees and businesses from the trauma and damage of harassment, it is more important than ever to understand how harassment can affect your business.

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08 Aug
4 Reasons That a Real Estate Attorney Is Critical to Your Next Investment
4 Reasons That a Real Estate Attorney is Critical to Your Next Investment

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01 Aug
A Guide to Hiring a Business Lawyer
A Guide to Hiring a Business Lawyer

How to choose the best business attorney. How an experienced business attorney can save you money. Learn about the benefits of having a concierge attorney for your business.

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25 Jul
Paystub + Ages
How to Avoid Wage and Hour Lawsuits in California: A Guide

Maintaining compliance with wage and hour laws is vital to protecting your business from liability and providing the best possible workplace for your employees.

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18 Jul
Using Social Media
Social Media: Legal Risks to Your Company

While the benefits of social networking can be clear, if not managed properly, social media can also pose significant risks for both employees and a company

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11 Jul
Best Legal Structure for My Business: Sole Proprietorships

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05 Jul
Best Legal Structure for My Business: Partnerships

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27 Jun
Best Legal Structure for My Business: LLC’s

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20 Jun
Businessman on business trip telephoning with smartphone
Best Legal Structure for My Business: C-Corp

What is a C-Corp? Small business owners often overlook the C-Corporation option (“C-Corp”) when it comes to selecting a legal business structure. Operating as a C-Corporation can provide structural advantages that the S-Corporation or other business formation options such as the LLC cannot. For example, although both the C-Corporation and its shareholders are taxed on...

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13 Jun
S-corp Business Structure
Best Legal Structure for My Business: S-Corp

What is an S-Corp? It can be exciting to watch a small business grow, but growth within your business can mean growth of your tax rate, too. As a small business achieves success and reaches important milestones in its development,  taxes can become increasingly more difficult to navigate. It is for this reason that some...

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18 May
Male hands holding surgical mask against coronavirus - Face mask for preventing corona virus spreading - Health care covid19 and medical protection concept
What Employers Need to Know About the New COVID Standards

On May 6, 2022 the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, which is part of the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health approved the readoption of the COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards (“ETS.”). Employers should update their COVID-19 protocols to be in compliance with these new standards. Who Must Be Tested? Employers will now be...

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30 Dec
California Privacy Rights Act
What the New California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) Means for Out-of-State and International Businesses

The CPRA strengthens the existing California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by adding additional online privacy rights for consumers, strengthening consumer privacy protections, and holding companies accountable for unauthorized data sharing.

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23 Dec
California Privacy Rights Act
Your Guide to the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) for Businesses and Advertisers

The California Privacy Rights Act is designed to strengthen consumer privacy protections online and hold companies accountable for unauthorized data sharing through the newly established agency, the California Privacy Protection Agency.

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16 Dec
Collecting Business Debt
Business Debt Collection in California: Making Sure You Get Paid

Businesses throughout California and the Los Angeles area are facing the financial challenges that have come with 2020. And business debt has become an especially important topic.

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02 Dec
Commercial Lease Agreements Paperwork
[GUIDE] Commercial Lease Agreements: How to Negotiate a Lease for Your California Business

The lack of need for commercial space has brought crucial questions about what to do about empty office space or unused storefronts to the forefront of business owners’ minds.

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25 Nov
Slander, Libel and Defamation long nose
The Basics of Defamation, Libel, and Slander for California Businesses

If you have been accused of defamation, or you or your business has been harmed by defamatory statements, an experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and succeed in a defamation lawsuit.

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18 Nov
Family and Medical Leave Act
FAQ: What Your California Business Needs to Know about FMLA Leave

Before 1993, there was no guarantee that an employee would still have a job if they had to leave due to pregnancy complications, to care for a new child, recover from a serious illness, or care for a sick family member. That all changed with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  The Family and...

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11 Nov
Whistleblowers in California workplaces
[FAQ] Whistleblower Protections and California Businesses

Whistleblowers are usually employees or members of the public who discover such illegal, fraudulent, or deceptive conduct and decide to report it because of their concern for the health, safety, and wellbeing of their coworkers and the community

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28 Oct
Pros and Cons of Commercial Landlord Tenant
Trick or Treat? The Pros and Cons of Being a Commercial Tenant or Landlord in California

Both landlords and tenants face wins and challenges in their commercial business relationships, as well as rely on each other to succeed.

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21 Oct
Pros and Cons of Business Partnerships
Trick or Treat? The Pros and Cons of California Business Partnerships

With the common tricks and treats exposed, you can know if business partnership is right for you, allowing you to make the best decision for your business.

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14 Oct
DIY legal documents and template business contracts
Trick or Treat? The Pros and Cons of DIY Contracts for Your California Business

Advertised as a time-saving and inexpensive way to meet your legal needs, DIY legal document sites seem almost too good to be true and as you’ll come to see, can result in some scary and frightening surprises for you and your business down the road.

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22 Sep
car with posters calling for AB 5
A Legal Guide to Employee Classification—Independent Contractors vs Employees

Understanding the distinction between independent contractors and employees is vital to running a business, as it could impact taxes and other legal obligations. Misclassification could also result in significant tax penalties for small businesses.

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09 Sep
Preventing Harassment and Discrimination
Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace: 13 Policies You Can Implement Today

Being proactive in implementing anti-harassment and non-discrimination policies in your workplace can protect employees and cultivate an inclusive and hospitable work environment.

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02 Sep
pirate ship on sea
Protecting Against the Pirates of Unfair Competition

While healthy competition often drives innovation, there are some pirate-like practices that are dishonest and/or fraudulent that could pose a serious risk to your business.

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26 Aug
File Folder with "Top Secret" stamp
The Key to Trade Secrets: How to Recognize Them and Protect Your Business

The specific steps you take to protect your trade secrets will depend on the value of that secret and your business’s needs, but will likely consist of measures from more than one of these categories.

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19 Aug
Policies and Procedures are tools for positive employee relations
Tools for Building a Positive Employee Relations Environment

By becoming vigilant, businesses can and should eradicate whatever social and legal vulnerabilities they may have, not only to mitigate crises and legal liabilities, but also to propel themselves to the forefront of being a model business for which to work.

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12 Aug
4 blocks with arrow symbols forming a staircase in an upwards direction
A Step-by-Step Guide to Forming a Partnership

Partnering is powerful because the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. However, a partnership can also be dangerous if not set up correctly or entered into with clear procedures and guidelines.

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05 Aug
4 blocks with symbols for mind and idea
What You Need to Know: Sole Proprietorships vs LLCs

The options for ownership structure for entrepreneurs usually come down to two options—sole proprietorship and limited liability companies (LLC). It’s important to understand the differences between these structures in the context of your business’s needs.

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29 Jul
Woman placing open sign on glass door
The Best Legal Structure for Your Business

Determining the right structure is not a “one size fits all” model. It should be custom to you so that you can orchestrate and plan your liability exposure and risk, protect your personal assets, minimize tax liability, and plan an exit strategy, which may avoid future partnership disputes and lawsuits by and against the partners.

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09 Apr
company property out the window

When employees leave your employment, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, they have the ability to take your valuable company property, your confidential business and proprietary information along with them, such as: customer and client lists; pricing information; financial records; and even your “secret sauce,” are all vulnerable. In order for employees of any level to perform...

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