05 Aug
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What You Need to Know: Sole Proprietorships vs LLCs

The options for ownership structure for entrepreneurs usually come down to two options—sole proprietorship and limited liability companies (LLC). It’s important to understand the differences between these structures in the context of your business’s needs.

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29 Jul
The Best Legal Structure for Your Business

Determining the right structure is not a “one size fits all” model. It should be custom to you so that you can orchestrate and plan your liability exposure and risk, protect your personal assets, minimize tax liability, and plan an exit strategy, which may avoid future partnership disputes and lawsuits by and against the partners.

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22 Jul
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4 Reasons That a Real Estate Attorney Is Critical to Your Next Investment

“Do I really need a real estate attorney? Can’t my agent just handle everything?” When buying, selling, investing or developing property, it can be difficult to add another expense of an attorney to the mix. But not having an experienced real estate attorney at this stage of the transaction could prove to be disastrous or...

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15 Jul
Keven Steinberg Guest Author Announcement
Keven Steinberg, Guest Author For – On The Topic of EPLI for PEOs

PEO Focus asked Keven Steinberg to be a guest author for their blog on the topic of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) for Professional Employer Organizations (PEO).

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08 Jul
Keven Steinberg is considered a trusted partner in legal matters for Los Angeles business owners.
A Guide to Hiring a Business Lawyer

How to choose the best business attorney. How an experienced business attorney can save you money. Learn about the benefits of having a concierge attorney for your business.

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22 Apr
COVID-19 Caused Employment Issues

There are options available to Employers and Employees with issues caused by COVID-19 With the recent, ever-changing, laws and regulations relating to employers and employees, there is confusion as to what respective duties and obligations, and what options, are available to employers and employees.  While the U.S. Department of Labor moved quickly to implement new...

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10 Apr
In The Press: “Does Your Small Business Need an Employee Handbook?”

What is an employee handbook? An employee handbook, not to be confused with a policy manual, is a guide for employees to reference company information, policies, procedures and expectations. Although it is especially useful for onboarding new employees, the handbook should always be accessible to every employee. According to Keven Steinberg, labor and employment lawyer...

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09 Apr
company property out the window

When employees leave your employment, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, they have the ability to take your valuable company property, your confidential business and proprietary information along with them, such as: customer and client lists; pricing information; financial records; and even your “secret sauce,” are all vulnerable. In order for employees of any level to perform...

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30 Mar

Landlords should not be surprised to see their mailboxes empty of rent checks this April 1st.  The current economy combined with new laws protecting tenants from eviction create the perfect storm for an empty mailbox.  Property owners and landlords must be prepared. Successful property investment is all about risk management.  As a property owner and...

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24 Mar

Over the last few days, I have seen some of the worst business and employment decisions and practices related to this COVID-19 pandemic. Below are actual events and true stories, from which I hope business owners and employers will learn. We Can’t Afford to be Selfish and Greedy A number of businesses and employers have...

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