15 Apr
Industrial warehouse
Leasing Commercial Property in California: Legal Obligations

When it comes to leasing commercial property in California, understanding the legal obligations is crucial. California’s booming commercial real estate market and complex leasing laws make it essential for both property owners and tenants to have a thorough knowledge of their legal rights and responsibilities. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in costly...

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11 Mar
California kitchen interior
California Real Property Sales Transactions

Whether you are purchasing a new home or selling a commercial property, it is helpful to have a solid understanding of California real property sales transactions. In this blog post, we will guide you through the ins and outs of these transactions, explain the roles of different parties involved, and highlight the reasons why having...

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05 Jan
Real Estate in Orange County, California next to the ocean
Real Estate Investment in California: Legal Tips for Success 

California has the eighth-largest economy in the world, and investors from around the globe are competing for access to the real estate market in the Golden State. If you want to learn more about easements, construction documents, and entity formation, then you should seek out the advice of a real estate attorney in California. Attorney...

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31 Aug
Environmental Considerations in Real Estate: Managing Risks and Responsibilities

Environmental issues are a common occurrence in real estate transactions. Some of the most common environmental concerns include land contamination, mold, asbestos, radon, and lead paint. Land contamination can occur from a variety of sources, including previous industrial activities, leaking underground storage tanks, and improper waste disposal. Land contamination can lead to soil and water...

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03 Aug
Real Estate Law by Keven Steinberg
Maximizing Real Estate Investment Returns: Strategies for a Changing Market

Real estate investing has been a lucrative avenue for wealth creation, but it comes with risks that must be managed effectively. To maximize returns and mitigate potential losses, investors must understand the risks involved and implement strategies accordingly. Identifying and managing risks in real estate investing is crucial. Market risk, financing risk, property risk, and...

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24 Jul
The interior of a modern apartment
Short-Term Rental Properties: Opportunities and Challenges for Owners

The short-term rental industry is facing increasing scrutiny and regulation. The industry is booming, but is also facing increasing scrutiny and regulation. In some cases, governments are enacting bans on short-term rentals, while others are increasing penalties for breaking the rules. What does this mean for short-term rental operators? It means that operators need to...

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04 May
Coordinating Successful Closings: Best Practices for a Smooth Real Estate Transaction

A real estate transaction will involve a seller offering a home or property for sale and a buyer agreeing to purchase the property. There will be several steps in buying a house, and the steps can vary depending on the type of transaction and California state regulations.  Before a closing can take place, many other...

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27 Apr
Escrow Issues: Ensuring a Smooth and Secure Transaction

Escrow is a term that is commonly used in real estate that relates to a process in which a neutral third party holds funds or documents during a transaction between a buyer and a seller. The escrow procedure will confirm that all agreement terms are satisfied and both parties are protected from fraud and other...

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29 Aug
Real Estate Contingencies
Real Estate Contingencies: What You Need to Know

The ideal real estate contract benefits both parties and allows everyone to walk away happy. However, there are many reasons why a real estate deal may fall apart. If you are buying or selling a home or property in the near future, you will want to familiarize yourself with real estate contingencies to prepare for...

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08 Aug
4 Reasons That a Real Estate Attorney Is Critical to Your Next Investment
4 Reasons That a Real Estate Attorney is Critical to Your Next Investment

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