Real Estate Law

09 Dec
Easements in California Real Estate
[FAQ] What You Need to Know About Easements and Your California Property

An easement is a property right that gives its holder the right to use a portion of real estate or property they do not own for a specific purpose

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02 Dec
Commercial Lease Agreements Paperwork
[GUIDE] Commercial Lease Agreements: How to Negotiate a Lease for Your California Business

The lack of need for commercial space has brought crucial questions about what to do about empty office space or unused storefronts to the forefront of business owners’ minds.

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28 Oct
Pros and Cons of Commercial Landlord Tenant
Trick or Treat? The Pros and Cons of Being a Commercial Tenant or Landlord in California

Both landlords and tenants face wins and challenges in their commercial business relationships, as well as rely on each other to succeed.

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14 Oct
DIY legal documents and template business contracts
Trick or Treat? The Pros and Cons of DIY Contracts for Your California Business

Advertised as a time-saving and inexpensive way to meet your legal needs, DIY legal document sites seem almost too good to be true and as you’ll come to see, can result in some scary and frightening surprises for you and your business down the road.

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22 Jul
Graphic of a block house that says real state.
4 Reasons That a Real Estate Attorney Is Critical to Your Next Investment

“Do I really need a real estate attorney? Can’t my agent just handle everything?” When buying, selling, investing or developing property, it can be difficult to add another expense of an attorney to the mix. But not having an experienced real estate attorney at this stage of the transaction could prove to be disastrous or...

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30 Mar

Landlords should not be surprised to see their mailboxes empty of rent checks this April 1st.  The current economy combined with new laws protecting tenants from eviction create the perfect storm for an empty mailbox.  Property owners and landlords must be prepared. Successful property investment is all about risk management.  As a property owner and...

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