21 Oct
Pros and Cons of Business Partnerships
Trick or Treat? The Pros and Cons of California Business Partnerships

With the common tricks and treats exposed, you can know if business partnership is right for you, allowing you to make the best decision for your business.

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14 Oct
DIY legal documents and template business contracts
Trick or Treat? The Pros and Cons of DIY Contracts for Your California Business

Advertised as a time-saving and inexpensive way to meet your legal needs, DIY legal document sites seem almost too good to be true and as you’ll come to see, can result in some scary and frightening surprises for you and your business down the road.

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30 Sep
Smart phone with social media icons displayed
Social Media: Legal Risks to Your Company

While the benefits of social networking can be clear, if not managed properly, social media can also pose significant risks for both employees and a company

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22 Sep
car with posters calling for AB 5
A Legal Guide to Employee Classification—Independent Contractors vs Employees

Understanding the distinction between independent contractors and employees is vital to running a business, as it could impact taxes and other legal obligations. Misclassification could also result in significant tax penalties for small businesses.

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16 Sep
how to avoid wage and hour lawsuits in california
How to Avoid Wage and Hour Lawsuits in California: A Guide

Maintaining compliance with wage and hour laws is vital to protecting your business from liability and providing the best possible workplace for your employees.

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09 Sep
Preventing Harassment and Discrimination
Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace: 13 Policies You Can Implement Today

Being proactive in implementing anti-harassment and non-discrimination policies in your workplace can protect employees and cultivate an inclusive and hospitable work environment.

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02 Sep
pirate ship on sea
Protecting Against the Pirates of Unfair Competition

While healthy competition often drives innovation, there are some pirate-like practices that are dishonest and/or fraudulent that could pose a serious risk to your business.

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26 Aug
File Folder with "Top Secret" stamp
The Key to Trade Secrets: How to Recognize Them and Protect Your Business

The specific steps you take to protect your trade secrets will depend on the value of that secret and your business’s needs, but will likely consist of measures from more than one of these categories.

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19 Aug
Policies and Procedures are tools for positive employee relations
Tools for Building a Positive Employee Relations Environment

By becoming vigilant, businesses can and should eradicate whatever social and legal vulnerabilities they may have, not only to mitigate crises and legal liabilities, but also to propel themselves to the forefront of being a model business for which to work.

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12 Aug
4 blocks with arrow symbols forming a staircase in an upwards direction
A Step-by-Step Guide to Forming a Partnership

Partnering is powerful because the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. However, a partnership can also be dangerous if not set up correctly or entered into with clear procedures and guidelines.

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