Sexual harassment seminars and coaching

Licensed and qualified to provide Sexual Harassment Training and other workplace training, education and guidance, Steinberg Law is taking the #metoo and “time’s up” movements and campaigns to the streets, workplace and to the courts.

Through comprehensive, thorough, focused and enlightening presentations, Steinberg Law has symposiums and training sessions designed for employers of all types and sizes.  The law and our society no longer tolerate this conduct or ignorance to it.  Employers have an affirmative duty to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment in the workplace and promptly correct harassment if it does occur.  Similarly, employees must be educated in what is and what is not tolerable in the workplace no matter their race, ethnicity, gender (physical, identity and expression) or partner preference.

On October 15, 2017, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 396, a new law that requires employers in California with 50 or more employees to provide training on policies that prohibit harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. This training is to be provided as a component of the already-required two-hour sexual harassment training provided to supervisory employees once every two years and within six months of an employee’s assumption of a supervisory position.


The presentations provided by Steinberg Law satisfy these legal requirements and include such hot topics as:

  • “Weinstein Predators”
  • failure to report
  • social media in the workplace
  • use and interpretation of emojis in the workplace
  • gender identity, expression and orientation
  • tattoos, piercing, hair styles/coloring, plastic surgery and body augmentation


Participants in these comprehensive programs receive certificates of the completion of legally compliant training which benefits employers as well as employees.

Likewise, participants in this training gain invaluable information and guidance as to how to protect themselves and others in the workplace – to make sure employees are not victimized and to make sure that the employer will not be known as the next “Weinstein Predator”.

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