The Writers Guild of America Strike and the Future of the Media and Entertainment Industry

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The Writers Guild of America Strike

A major disruption to the media and entertainment industry is the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. It has highlighted the industry’s need to be prepared for change. It has also raised significant questions about transparency and content creation.

A major issue at stake is data transparency. The WGA is pushing for a share of streaming services viewership data with writers so that they can be compensated fairly. The streaming services are hesitant to do this because they claim that the data is proprietary.  They also claim that sharing of the streaming services may give the WGA an unfair advantage.

The dispute over data transparency is only part of larger issues of data ownership and control in the media and entertainment industry. With the industry moving towards streaming, content creators are demanding a greater share of the data that is generated by them. 

If the WGA is successful in its demands for data transparency, it could set a precedent for other content creators and could force streaming services to change their business practices. Thus, the outcome here could have a significant impact on the future of the media and entertainment industry

Some things for the industry to consider are:

  • Ad-supported streaming: With the rising cost of producing and acquiring content, streaming services are moving to ad-supported models to generate revenue. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is here and is set to, and already has had a major impact on the media and entertainment industry. AI is now being used to create content more quickly and efficiently. As such, many industries, including the entertainment industry, are attempting to replace the human workforce with AI.

The media and entertainment industry, like all industries, are facing times of significant change. The WGA strike highlights many of these changes.

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